Packaging in alveolar cardboard

The durable, lightweight, robust and eco-compatible packaging.
In the packaging sector, cardboard is an increasingly popular material because it is easy to dispose of. Tivuplast, thanks to its consolidated expertise in the field, has developed patented NIDOPACK ™, an innovative product designed to meet the growing demand for ecological packaging, as the carton is increasingly requested because it is easy to dispose of.

NIDOPACK ™ cardboard packaging is eco-compatible, robust, versatile and customizable, but above all it is able to enhance the product content by covering it with originality and taste.


Ecological packaging – eco friendly


Packaging, protection, visual packaging:
in one solution, light, printable,
resistant, eco-compatible and eco-sustainable


NIDOPACK ™ cardboard packaging can be customized with graphics and text, making it an excellent and targeted communication tool. In addition, it has multiple strengths that make it inimitable and multifunctional: NIDOPACK ™ can contain, transport and finally display the product in the stores.


Il Official website of the Product, NidoPack™ it is entirely dedicated to visual Packaging eco compatible and to enhance the packaging as an element of value, unique and completely ecological.


Nidopack™ is the concrete answer to the growing needs of the sustainability of packaging and packaging from packaging to protection and transport of products.

The “Research and Development” division of Tivuplast has created an innovative, modern and effective solution: a lightweight and robust material that is absolutely eco-sustainable.


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