Printable panels in alveolar cardboard

With the introduction of innovative flat-bad and flat-cut digital printing technologies, Tivuplast has created a range of printable panels on both sides called NIDOBOARD.

They are made with high-quality heavy-weight covers available in Havana Kraft-liner, patinated white, black and in a new range of customizable colors on request.

The honeycomb core, as well as the traditional Havana color, is available in the innovative white and black color version, which make it visually unique in its kind.

The high quality of the Nidoboard allows, in addition to direct and silk-screen printing, the shaping performed with cutting plotters or laser technology, 45 inc engraving, milling, creasing and beading; moreover it makes it particularly suitable for the realization of displays, totems, exhibitors and for display windows and exhibition stands. Finally, due to its remarkable characteristics, the Nidoboard is a valid eco-compatible alternative to traditional supports made of plastic materials.

Image Gallery processing of the Nidoboard: cut, 45° cut,
shaping, print quality

Video Nidoboard, printing of honeycomb cardboard panels.

Video about thhe cutting of honeycomb cardboard panels Nidoboard.

Its valuable characteristics of recyclability, versatility, printability, lightness, high flatness and resistance, have allowed Tivuplast to supply the sectors of visual communication, design and production of eco-sustainable furniture.

The whole range of Nidoboard panels is
FSC® certified
(guarantees that the product has been realized with raw materials deriving
from forests properly managed according to the principles of two main standards:
forest management and chain of custody).

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Printable panels in honeycomb honeycomb cardboard

In 2013 the Nidoboard panel range is enriched by the new fireproof panel in the Havana Kraft-liner and patinated White version, reaching the M1 fire reaction Certification complying with the NFP 92-501 Standard. All panels can be made, on request, with materials accompanied by Certification of Resistance to fire.