Alveolar cardboard panels - "robust core"

The alveolar cardboard panel NIDOPAN ® responds to requirements of Green Packaging and is used , for its versatility , as material d ‘ packaging generic entirely eco compatible in numerous industries .
made with cardboard honeycomb , covered with covers in recyclable cardboard , Test -Liner or Kraf -Liner, of diverse grammature . Our line of production allows us to get panels with thickness ranging from 8 mm up to 110 mm , and variable format based on requests from customers.
It is a valid alternative in terms of light weight , robustness and recyclability compared to other materials for the packaging . Test carried out in certified laboratories attest to high resistance to compression , which varies from 1.5 to 3.7 kg / cmq , depending of the shirt and weight of the cover used.

Applications of Nidopan®

NIDOPAN ® can be supplied with different types of machining :
Cut tailored & nbsp; for the production of packaging protective and protections
die-cut , creased , assembled , pressed , shaped , bi glued and engraved for the production of alveolar cardboard corners.

Given its robustness and light weight find wide use as filler , shock absorber , separator in carton surfaces and spacer in several sectors of production such as: mobile , auto motive, mechanics , electrical appliances , electronic equipment , conditioning , food , production plastic films, cosmetics , glass , ceramic and textile .

Our consolidated experience in these areas makes us capable deliver consulting targeted even in other scopes for get innovative solutions of packaging and as a packaging .


Robust Soul by Tivuplast

The NIDOPAN® honeycomb cardboard panel meets the requirements of Green Packaging and is used, due to its versatility, as a general eco-friendly packaging material in many sectors.


NIDOPAN® is used by many manufacturing and logistics companies, managing loads in containers, trucks, trucks, holds.

It is also used as an interlude between products or between pallets, in fragile loads or that must comply with certain regulations or fulfill the requirements of eco-friendly load protection, as Nidopan® is absolutely: lightweight, robust and versatile and environmentally friendly.


Thanks to its renowned characteristics of strength and lightness, NIDOPAN® is widely used both as a filler and as a shock absorber and separator of alveolar cardboard surfaces, as well as a honeycomb cardboard spacer, in various production sectors. Also in the logistics field: loading and transport of goods, as a valid eco-compatible alternative, compared to other products. The result of constant attention to the environment, NIDOPAN® meets three growing and complementary needs: lightening the weight in transport, the resulting reduction in costs and lower environmental impact.

Green Packaging

NIDOPAN® Green Packaging is widely used as a fully eco-compatible packaging material in a variety of industries.

Produced by Tivuplast, in a sturdy core honeycomb cardboard, the production is covered with recyclable cardboard covers, Test-Liner or Kraf-Liner, of different weights, obtaining panels thickness from 8 up to 110 mm, in format variable.