Joist in alveolar cardboard

The Joist is composed of a honeycomb core covered with two cardboard covers and its high compressive strength varies from 1.5 kg / cmq to 3 kg / cmq depending on the size of the internal cavity.
Measurements ranging from 300 mm to 2400 mm in length, from 60 mm to 200 mm in width and for thickness from 30 mm to 110 mm can be obtained on request. It is possible to obtain the production of joists composed of several layers to obtain higher thicknesses.

The "Pressed for reels" Joist

Our Pressed Joist is very useful and indispensable for the storage, transport or shipping to remote destinations of coils and rolls of important dimensions or of circular shaped materials, which require a specific anchorage as the Joist is, in a single product: a protection, blocking and fixing solution.

The Joist system in alveolar cardboard

Our Joist system is widely used by corrugators and box makers and has revolutionized the palletization, storage and transport of different types of products such as rolls, sheets and corrugated boxes.