Research and development

The strengths, which maintain the Ti-Vu Plast S.r.l. in step with the times are:

The constant technological innovation of the plants, thanks to the know-how derived from the united knowledge to the daily experience, a research and development always careful to provide customers with a high quality standard of the product, with costs of production always more advantageous so as not to affect the final cost to customers and be competitive in the market.

The entrepreneurial humility inside where everyone works with dedication, in synergy with the company staff, without distinction of both productive and managerial categories, in order to achieve the objectives set for achieving and maintaining its success. In our company organization, “process culture” is a consolidated mechanism where the management is primarily. In general, all the staff of the organization feel the protagonists of a precise set of oriented processes to satisfactory of client and automatically to personal satisfaction.

– Business problem solving: all of them, in the production process, besides knowing how to use the various equipment, put into practice methodologies and techniques to solve the immediate daily problem.

– Ti-Vu Plast Srl is also this: “a big family” where the motivation of personal is objective consolidated, where all feel an integral part, where the development of a product is born from a single idea and continues until the realization and the placing of the same in the market.